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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 17, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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severe weather out of these thunderstorms. on sental radar, you see the bigger picture, looks ominous up to the north and northeast. that's where they'll have the strong thunderstorms. hagerstown is about to get wet. you can see clouds moving across, we'll get showers this evening. we'll have thunderstorms and again, everything in advance of a cold front, which will change things dramatically heading into the weekend. first look at your forecast comes up in a few minutes. maurine. >> thanks, gary. >> our other big story tonight, a 12 year run from justice has ended for a fairfax county man charged with sex crimes involving under age girls. wesley was living in mexico for the past decade, but now back in fairfax county jail. fox 5 is in our newsroom with the story. bob. >> he had been in police custody a dozen years ago. in fact, behind bars where he is right now. but soon after the jail cell door opened to let him free until his next court date, he
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went away. gone without a trace. >> he lived here on bond court in the hayfield section of fairfax county. in a house still owned by his mother. then 27-year-old wesley thomison was arrested and charged with sex crimes involving under age girls. >> 12 years ago, this man was accused of intiesing under age girls with illegal drugs to have consensual sex with him and he was video taping all of these activities. >> tomlinson was jailed, but later release pending trial and fled the country. >> earlier this year, the united states marshal service developed some type of information about where he was living in mexico provided that to mexican law enforcement. it was the mexican authorities that finally captured him. >> now 39, wesley thomasson is back in jail.
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police left wondering a few things about his time in the mexican resort town. >> he doesn't impress us as an individual who had a whole lot of survival skills. and so he seemed to have some type of source of income that we can't account for. so either someone was helping him or he had another criminal enterprise that we are unaware of. >> and fairfax county police officer, budde walker, says investigators want to know more about what tomasson was doing what he was living at home. >> the detectives are concerned there are other victims out there. if there are other victims, we would welcome them coming guard. >> he was flown from guadalajara to los angeles last month. he was met with detectives and brought back to northern virginia. so far, he's not facing additional charges for being a fugitive for the past 12 years. laura. >> bob, thank you. a security guard shot at the family research council this week is still in the
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hospital tonight. we're told mayor vincent gray visited leonardo johnson this morning in the hospital. floyd corkins is accused of walking into the office of the lobbying group, criticizing politics and shooting johnson in the arm. johnson is expected to be released from the hospital soon. fairfax county took center stage in the race for the white house today. republican vice presidential candidate, paul ryan, made his first area appearance in west springfield high school today. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is there live. it looks like we can expect to see a lot of candidates in the next few months. >> we certainly will, maurine. as you know, virginia has been targeted by both the obama and romney campaigns as a battleground state that they badly want in their column this november. to that end, the newly minted vice presidential republican candidate, paul ryan, was dispatched here to fairfax county today. it is his third visit to
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virginia in a little over a week since he joined this ticket. congressman ryan took the stage here at the west springfield high school gymnasium. a little after 4:00 this afternoon. he was joined by virginia's republican attorney general, ken cuccinelli. as you know, the wisconsin congressman is not only running as vice president, he is also the chairman of the republican house budget committee. to that end, ryan shot back today at what he said was scare tactics by the obama campaign about what ryan supposed budget would do to medicare and social security. ryan said the obama administration spending habits is the problem, not his own call for fiscal restrain. >> here's the problem. he made things much worse. so he can't run on his record. he has run out of ideas and that unfortunately is why this campaign he is waging is one based on frustration and anger.
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hope and change has become attack and blame. we're not going to fall for it, are we? >> no. >> the romney campaign also moved today to shoot down some of the criticisms that its financial backers have come from the ranks of mostly wealthy millionaires. today they released new details showing that since paul ryan joined this campaign over a week ago in norfolk, virginia, online contributions have shot up to the tune of 124,000 on average. $81 each. they say they raked in $10 million, maurine, since paul ryan joined this ticket over a week ago. >> certainly looking to be a game changer. thank you, tom fitzgerald. before heading to springfield, ryan did make a stop in glenn allen, virginia. sitingwent bankrupt. the president defends his
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policy to giving loans to renewable energy companies. president obama's campaign has a proposition concerning his tax returns released five years worth of tax returns and we won't ask you for anymore. romney released his 2010 return and pledging to release the one from 2011. he said he paid 13% of his income in federal taxes every year for the past decade. the white house said it's about transparency and more. >> it also illustrates, i think, a broader debate that is on going across the country in the contact of this presidential candidate, in the context of senate and house campaigns across the con country and the future of our tax policy and what approach makes the most sense for strengthening the economy. white house officials noted that president obama has released his tax records dating
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back to 2000. jonathan is a staff writer. he joins us now to talk about this obama proposal. thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> this is certainly a subject mitt romney wants to go away. is this a ploy by the obama camp to keep it front and center? >> it is a ploy, but it's an effective one. mitt romney reignited this the other day on the campaign trail. when you look back at his ten years of tax returns and paid 13%, and so yeah, the obama campaign said prove it, if you release five years, we'll drop it and won't be an issue anymore. definitely something that every day that romney is talking about it, it's bad for his campaign. >> let's take a look at this as far as romney is concerned. why not just release them on one hand? >> well, you know they are saying they don't want to give the obama administration anymore ammunition to hit him as a wealthy, out of touch businessman. that's what they have been
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sticking to. we'll release however many years and come back and say we want to see more. i think the obama campaign took that argument off the table, but they don't want to give the obama campaign anymore ammunition. >> you go with what dan romney said. the more we release, the more you get attacked. the president, while they are saying they won't ask for more, they could, you know, let's be honest, attack him further for what his returns have been. >> absolutely. the returns that mitt romney has released, it was in the hundreds of pages. he was a wealthy guy. everyone knows that. it's just going to be this continued talking point. the obama campaign made central to their campaign that everyone should pay their fair share and they don't think that mitt romney has been paying his fair share. hundreds of pages of tax returns is going to be a distraction for the romney campaign. >> i wonder if all this could backfire for the president, because in the end, don't
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voters really care more about jobs and the economy than romney's tax returns? >> absolutely. and polling shows while most americans say romney should release more tax returns, most americans, it's not a big deal to them. so it is absolutely a distraction and you know, people are going to say, you are running a cheap campaign. it's not about the issues, but you know, i think it is more difficult for the romney campaign to explain. >> jonathan, thanks for being with us tonight. >> thanks. president obama, vice president biden back in d.c. after a few days of heavy campaigning. the president's team released a new ad focused on medicare. president obama will hit the campaign trail tomorrow when he heads to new hampshire. a handful of protesters took over president obama's campaign headquarters. the protest was in support of private bradley manning who was accused of leaking information for hours demonstrators sat inside the entrance to the building while others rallied inside. among the activists, veterans who sent a letter to president
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obama. >> he declared manning guilty, and also to ensure soldiers human rights are respected in the future. >> after about three hours, the protesters were forced out of the office by police. the protests were ignited all over the world today after a russian female punk rock band was sentenced to two years in prison for hoolaganism. the group was arrested in march after an impromptu concert where they denounced president vladimir putin. wikileaks founder is the subject of an international tug of war. swedish prosecutors want to question him on sex assault charges. he has been held up inside ecuador's. ecuador's london based embassy. they won't allow safe passage biewfs the arrest warrant. >> there's new concerns about
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security in afghanistan after two more attacks on coalition troops in the first attack officials say a new police recruit opened fire with his official weapon. minutes after, u.s. service members gave it to him at a ceremony marking the start of training. the two americans were killed. the other shooting happened in the south, wounding two foreign troops. both of the gunmen were killed. coming up, a new nationwide program to keep kids out of hot cars. find out who the federal government is targeting with its message. >> plus, a canine custody battle unfolds after a dog is abandoned on a mountain. >> and one city launches an aerial assault against mosquitoes as more west nile cases are reported in our area. we'll have all the details. clouds are moving across and will be followed by showers. we'll take another look at radar. it's all coming up. dave. i can't promise you it's not going to rain out there. >> come on, give me good news
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on the weather front. right now it looks like a beautiful night for baseball, if it doesn't rain. your first place nats are back in town. 8-2 out west. beginning at 6-game home stand against metropolitans. that means bad news. we're back with a live preview in a moment. 
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a health alert out of maryland tonight where swine flu has been detected in six queen ann's county residents. health officials say the victims are five children and one adult who had direct
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contact with pigs. none of those individuals developed any serious illness or been hospitalized. swine flu symptoms are the same as seasonal flu and include fever and respiratory problems like sore throat and cough. virginia has recorded its first two cases of west nile virus for the year. health officials say one case was in southwest virginia. the other in north western region. both people affected are adults and they have recovered. most people who contract the virus will not get sick. >> according to the centers for disease control, half of the cases so far this year are in texas. if the trend continues, 2012 will be the worst west nile year in the state history. now officials are taking on the insects with chemical combat. craig boswell has more. >> folks in dallas, texas, are going toe to toe with mosquitoes. the city is trying to fight off the virus. >> i have never seen them this bad. >> west nile virus killed two
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people. weather conditions in the area may be to blame for the increase in insects. >> we are studying it, but what we can piece together is, at least for this year, we had a very wet month in june. and with that, you had an increased mosquito population because of the breeding ground. >> planes took to the skies last night. >> i think we got rid of mosquitoes and obviously causing a lot of deaths. i'm all for it. >> it's killing people, that's enough. >> others are showing more concern. >> my name is val, how can i help you? >> officials set up a hot line for residents to have any questions they may have answered. >> the insecticides -- okay, that is not very highly toxic. >> dallas mayor spoke to the public before the spraying, working to calm concerns.
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>> this is a safe process, but we think it takes every precaution you feel is necessary. >> it costs about $1 million. officials say a second pass may be in order if the first doesn't kill enough mosquitoes. it is causing concerns for folks in chicago. ten people in cook county have been hospitalized for the virus. fox news. >> one person has died and another is sick after contracting a rare rodent born disease. both people contracted the virus while staying in a popular lodging area. deer mice in yosemite tested positive. it strikes people when they breathe in urine or fecal matter. officials say it's not a matter of dirty tents. >> the california department of public health, as well as the nts, did review the way we review. everything we do from a cleaning perspective were all in good order. >> the symptoms of the virus
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show up 1 to 6 weeks after exposure. 30% of cases result in death. >> an amazing rescue story now, turns into a nasty custody battle. a group of hikers rescued an injured dog from one of colorado's highest peeks. it weighed 100 pounds. too many for one person to carry, so the hikers took turns. the dog's owner admits to abandoning her after becoming injured himself and he now wants his animal back. >> i believe he deserves the dog back. he left the dog for dead. >> i never thought of a dog slowly diagnose on the top of a mountain is tough to stomach. that's why we went. >> the dog is currently being cared for by a veterinarian. animal control officials will decide on who will get to keep that dog. well, no denying it, it certainly was a beautiful day, but gary has been hinting that changes may be on the way. >> what are we looking at going into this evening?
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>> just some showers. there are thunderstorms, too, but a mix of showers and occasionally a thunderstorm moving through. it doesn't look like it's all that unstable out there. we aren't expecting anything to be strong. even though earlier, we had severe weather back out to the west. nothing reported in quite a while. here is the radar to give you an idea of what we are looking at. strongest of the activity is moving into extreme north western sections. western parts of maryland. over into the panhandle of west virginia and extreme west virginia, or extreme virginia. that's where it's going to be moving on through. not a lot of lightning in this. there's some brief heavy rain. gusty winds involved in some of these storms coming on across. and of course, a little bit of lightning from time to time. again, we are just not seeing anything go severe. that's good news for us. hagerstown is getting wet. showers are moving across 81. showers for martinsburg are beginning to see a little bit move into western parts of
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loudoun county. extreme southern sections of frederick county. and over into the very tip of northern montgomery county. that's all we are seeing right now. again, this will continue to sweep on through the area. there is a cold front back out to the west. it will come through slowly overnight tonight, but it will come through. still a chance for showers. still a chance for a spotty thunderstorm during the overnight into early morning. the forecast really has not changed. temperatures right now in advance of the front with the sunshine, they really warm up in the lower 90s. a little bit cooler back out to the west and look how temperatures are dropping off and the clouds and showers there along i-81. hagerstown at 70. now i'll keep showers and thunderstorms in right on through the evening hours. keep in mind, we're not looking for severe weather. we aren't looking for strong thunderstorms. just some garden variety showers and a few thunderstorms possible this evening. temperatures will be dropping.
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we'll talk about how cool it's going to be during the weekend. >> a little different from what we've been having. remember, you can always check the weather any time with the fox 5 weather app. down load it on your ipad. you can also find it on our website. fire crews are making gains on wild fires across the west, but they are keeping a close eye on mother nature. firefighters have strengthened the fire line, burning 75 miles outside of seattle. it turned 70 homes into piles of ash. crews in idaho and california have a number of fires on their hands. coming up, a home provided free of charge to a deserving local family. we'll tell you who made it all possible. plus, a bizarre burglary in maryland involving chicken pot pie. details when we return. >> and if you have a story idea, we invite you to call the fox 5 tip line. or send us an e-mail to
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it's a chance to live the american dream. a retired army infantry men is living. jonathan and his family are getting this chance with the help of operation home front and chase bank. they are providing a mortgage- free home who was wounded while serving in afghanistan. >> what greater gift can we give them than a home? it's part of that american dream. you know, our servicemen and women in uniform, they fight to protect our freedoms every single day. >> he was injured when he was struck by an ied. he has trouble walking, suffers memory loss and other medical issues. he and his wife have two young children. she is also eight months pregnant with their third child. 22-year-old russell broke into a home, stripped down to his underwear and cooked the chicken pot pie. it happened wednesday night. the homeowner told police he
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heard someone banging on his door, called 911 and hid upstairs. officers found the suspect lounging in a living room chair watching tv. he is charged with burglary and other offenses. that's odd. >> very odd. >> coming up, a warning for metro riders. we'll tell you where police are on the lookout trying to peek up women's skirts. >> plus, kids in hot cars can be a deadly combination. find out who the government says should be the first line of defense to prevent heatstroke. >> and imagine seeing this. we're going to tell you where severe weather gave drivers an eye full. [ male announcer ] do you support work for welfare?
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takoma park, police, are looking for a man who may be looking for a video camera to peek up women's skirts on metro trains. paul wagner is monitoring metro tonight. >> a woman told police she was approached by a man with a backpack who was acting
5:30 pm
suspiciously and asking for directions. during the second encounter, she noticed a video camera pointing right up her skirt. >> wednesday night, just after 5:00, the woman told police she confronted the man about what he was doing when she noticed a cell phone recording video from inside a backpack. according to takoma park, police, the woman grabbed the backpack, which happened to rip spilling its contents. the man then collected his things and ran off toward eastern avenue. in a previous encounter, the day before, also near the takoma park metro station, the woman told police the same man asked her for directions while brushing his backpack against her leg. what do you think about somebody that would do something like this? >> creepy. >> i guess we should wear pants. >> during the first encourter, the man followed her on to the metro train, but that's as far as it went. he did not follow her when she got off. >> takoma park police say they have reason to believe there
5:31 pm
may have been a second victim and detectives would like to hear from anyone who has had an encounter with this man. he is described with a black male with short hair. a little over 6 feet tall and 18 to 25 years old. he was last seen wearing a green polo shirt and jeans. laura. >> paul wagner, thank you very much. a head's up tonight tonight if you are taking metro. track work will shut down parts of the track work. buses will replace trains between the silver spring and noma stations. trains will single track between the orange, blue, and green lines. summer heat and children being left alone in hot cars can be a dangerous and deadly combination. new numbers show at least 23 children died of heatstroke this summer alone after being left in the hot car. the government is kicking off a nationwide campaign to bring awareness to this preventable problem. the message, look before you lock.
5:32 pm
joining us with more is sanchez, she is the director of office for children and families in the health and human services department. thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> look before you lock sounds simple enough. not everyone is doing this. explain who the campaign is targeting and how it's going to work. >> well, as you said, we know approximately 33 children a year die from being left in vehicles and so today, the department of health and human services join the department of transportation in order to amplify the message and to remind the network of child care and head start providers and parents to check and double check cars, vans, and buses so that no child is left behind. >> when you say the network of childcare providers, daycares, that sort of thing? nannies, is that what you're talking about? explain that further. >> we're talking about family childcare providers. we're talking about center based care. we're talking about the head
5:33 pm
start providers across this country. but i also want to add to that, that we are also just talking about individuals. so if you're at the mall, out and about, and you see a child is in a car, the windows are rolled up or even partially rolled down, call 911. >> i'm a parent and when i heard about this campaign earlier, one of the things another parent and i were talking about, how can you forget your kid in a car? it seems unthinkable, but it does happen. i have to ask, is there a punitive component to this campaign and would that help? >> there is not. we are really here to send a message. we want to provide some very usable tips that parents and providers can use every day. we know that life gets really hectic and it's very easy to just keep going. so a couple of simple tips are, put your purse or briefcase or your cell phone in the backseat. something that you need when you get to your next destination. >> certainly a preventable, the tragedies that are happening here. let's hope this campaign does help and we can save some
5:34 pm
lives. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for your insight tonight. >> thanks. a warning to drivers heading on some of virginia's interstates this weekend. state police will be out in force. they are conducting another operation, air, land, sp speed enforcement. a police spokesman says many colleges are returning to campus and police want to make sure the roads are safe. they'll will on the lookout for speeders and aggressive drivers. here's something you do not want to see as you are driving along the highway. literally, blowing up and down in the wind. the viral video captured in canada tuesday afternoon when a strong thunderstorm rolled in. that's pretty dramatic. >> wow. >> that is very dramatic. >> i don't know that i would be wanting to drive under that sign. ingly didn't realize they could bend that way, to be honest with you. all right, so coming up, we have some new details about a burglary at the home of the late steve jobs. find out how the apple
5:35 pm
founder's ipad ended up in the hands of a professional clown. plus, apple's stock hits a new high as facebook shares plunge. we're going to have the latest from wall street. [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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every paycheck. now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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new details tonight about that break in at the home of the late, steve jobs. police say an ipad swiped from the california home last month ended up in the hands of professional clown. he had no idea the ipad he got from a friend was stolen. that friend was busted for the break in. police say he stole computer equipment, jewelry, and other items from jobs home. >> a consumer alert tonight for apple investors. the world's most valuable company hit a new high today. apple stock closed at $648.
5:39 pm
busting its previous mark. that was set back in april. apple stock hit a rough patch after the company reported sluggish earnings. the stock has rebounded over anticipation of the new iphone release and possibly a smaller ipad. now while apple is heading up, facebook is continuing to spiral down. facebook stock closed at $19 a share. that means the company has now lost half of its market value since its initial public offering. today marked the end of the lockout period where early investments had to hold on to their stock. >> we are hearing about his grueling workouts. now vice presidential nominee, paul ryan, showing off his phi seek. tmz is here to tell us all about that. >> plus, what was life like in the white house during jfk's presidency? a local museum is displaying the memories from a man who knew the president well. >> and gary is back with the latest on the severe weather threat in the area. stay with us.
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barack obama has a long history of opposing work for welfare. "i was not a wild, huge supporter of the federal plan that was signed in 1996." [ male announcer ] on july 12th obama quietly ended work requirements for welfare. you wouldn't have to work and wouldn't have to train for a job. mitt romney strongly believes work must be part of welfare. the romney plan for a stronger middle class: it'll put work back in welfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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the washington nationals kick off a home stand against key national league east rival. the nats are continuing to enjoy their perch on top of the nl east. let's check in with dave ross who is live at nationals park. hey dave. >> you know, everybody wants to know about stephen strasburg, when are they going to shut him down? right now, best record in all of baseball, 73-45. amazing. even better news, ian desmond, he is back tonight, activated off the disabled list. he has been on the dl since july 22. he led the team in home runs. the guy who currently leads the team in home runs is adam laroche. the sweet swinging first baseman. i caught up with adam moments before batting practice. >> 8-2 in a west coast swing, good to be home? >> great to be home. even better coming off a road trip like that. you know, to go into this last, really over a month.
5:44 pm
we just haven't had many offdays. we had a ton of baseball. had some minor injuries here and there. to come off that swing, start back up at home and try to finish this thing out. >> you have ian coming off a dl today. you have jason who has been red hot. what we see is the whole team runs through your live shot, adam laroche. i think this is planned. >> very well. i think he was the guy. >> bad timing on my part. >> pretty good. >> thank you, though. >> so you guys are a serious bunch, i can tell. >> you can see how many i have to be there and stretch with these guys. >> you aren't going to get a fine for being here. >> i'll send someone the bill, i'm not paying this one. >> you played your first few years with the braves. one of the few guys that has
5:45 pm
post season experience. is there something you can say? >> it was presented to me real simple. it was don't change a thing. it's a small thing, but it can turn into a big thing. if you go to the post season and look at it like any different series and start trying to do a little more. i think all the older guys will say the same thing. that's what we'll stress more than anything. if we find ourselves in the playoffs is to go play our game. it's been good enough for 162 games, trust it now and see what happens. >> everybody has been talking about health, obviously with the stephen strasburg thing. your health, you had to shut it down and you came back up. 23 homers to lead the team. how important is it to be healthy? >> well, looking back it's huge. i've been lucky to not have a will lot of injuries. for them to be shut down and not feeling like i was part of
5:46 pm
the team. although i was here in uniform. when you can't go out and do anything, it's a helpless feeling. on the other hand, it was humbling to be away from the game, to realize how much i missed it and appreciate playing. >> these guys are having fun at the ballpark, geo gonzalez came up and bear hugged me out of this chair. you can time it perfectly with the shot. you can do that when you're in first place. it's a happy time and a good time to be a washington national. >> i was going to say, you had trouble after a while, but you did a great job. >> i have to be on the lookout. never know when they are coming. >> thanks. >> thank you. good day to be out at the park. >> when you are number one, i would imagine going to the ballpark every day. >> kind of fun. >> and you have seen both extremes, too. >> speaking of extremes, you talk weather now? >> sure. you want to talk weather? >> now we have all these clouds. let's talk weather and what's
5:47 pm
coming up tonight. >> clouds are rolling in ahead of the showers and we'll have showers and thunderstorms this evening. it's been hot today. it's been muggier than yesterday, but you know what, this isn't one of those situations where it is really prime for strong or severe thunderstorms. earlier this afternoon, back out to the west. but right now we're not seeing anything severe. you can see on sental radar what we're looking at. around the district, we are good to go for now. there are showers and thunderstorms and a broken line back out to the west, as you can see, and put this into motion. generally to the east. a little bit within the line is moving up to the line. the same type of flow we generally see. and right now we'll zoom up to hagerstown. it's washington county and back out toward western maryland. this is the heaviest of the storms right now. really, thunderstorms almost, a little bit of lightning. that's it. some heavier rain here, some gusty winds. but again, not looking, we may
5:48 pm
have a thunderstorm go severe, but it's only going to be one or two. i suspect it will probably be later on once this really clears over the mountains. hagerstown getting some rain now. there's i-81 coming down just to the west of hagerstown. 70 coming through hagerstown. it hasn't moved over into central sections of washington county. a little bit of it has come over to frederick county and extreme loudoun county. i just wanted you to see there's a little bit of rain. we may pick up a quarter to half an inch with isolated areas maybe up over an inch of rain. if you get under one of the stronger thunderstorms that is moving on through. but they are moving. hopefully we'll get a little bit, because we need some. 91 d.c. right now. gaithersburg 84. look what happens with the clouds and showers out to the west of us. martinsburg, 73. so is winchester. again, out ahead of the front, out ahead of the clouds and the showers, temperatures are mainly in the upper 80s.
5:49 pm
showers, storms around at 7:00. 86 of course western suburbs. cooler than that. clouds, showers, 82 at 9:00. western suburbs a little cooler than that. and at 11:00, we'll still have clouds. we'll still have showers. and temperatures dropping down into the 70s. here's the bigger pick picture. again, there's the front and behind the front, it's dryer, less humid, it's cooler. it's nicer. question for the forecast. we have been talking about this for the past several days. how far is that front going to get through this weekend? are we going to be in for good weather? future cast now answering the question. this is 5:00 this evening, broken line of showers coming through. it is showing that by 10:00 or 11:00, this gets stronger off to the east of us. watch and see if that happens. and then by tomorrow morning, look. showers to the east. we are getting some sunshine breaking open to the north and west. in the way it's looking right now, tomorrow looks pretty good. sunday looks pretty good, too,
5:50 pm
but a few showers and clouds later on in the day. here's the specifics to the weekend forecast. i have not changed this. 83 tomorrow. an early shower east possible. 83 on sunday. a spotty late shower with some clouds. overnight lows down around 70 degrees or so. a little cooler back out to the west. five-day forecast shows, i haven't changed anything here. just kind of status quo, leaving it as it is and what you see there, cooler than where we have been in quite a while. >> a men to that. >> you are preaching to the choir. >> good weather will do that to you. >> thanks. talking the town on tmz, paul ryan shirtless. tmz joins us now live from l.a. we knew this was going to happen. we heard tmz has the first photo of ryan's athletic body.
5:51 pm
tell us about it. >> of course we do, laura. so here's why we did. literally two hours after he announced. i spoke with somebody i know connected in the house and told me paul ryan works out every day in the house gym at 6:30 in the morning. he sometimes leads p90x classes and he is totally shredded. so we decided you know what, we want to see. we were looking for pictures and somebody contacted us and gave us one. so this is what paul ryan looked like. but this was six years ago. this was before he started p90x. before you go after me, he's in good shape. there's no doubt about it. but all i'm saying is, is that you really transformed way beyond what you're looking at when he started this p90x routine. and you know, you did a side by
5:52 pm
side, you would see a true before and after. even with what you're looking at now, the majority of people on our website and more than 50,000 people voted gave him a 7. almost as many gave him a 10. >> after p90x, he would be a ten for sure, because six years ago before p90x, he looked good. very quickly, harvey, i want to ask you about kobe bryant's wife, clarifying about things she said. what is she saying about that? >> she took so much heat for this. so she's just come out with a new statement saying when she married kobe bryant, he had not won any championships. technically, it is true. but the fact is, we looked, she got engaged to him in may of 2000 and he won his first championship in june of 2000. so she didn't give him much time. >> i guess not. >> all right, harvey, you have a great weekend. we'll look for you at 6:30
5:53 pm
right here for tmz on tv. thanks, as always. a note to lady gaga fans. you do not want to mess with her body guards. this is what happened to an autograph seeker who tried to get too close to the singer. a takedown was caught on camera. lady gaga looking stunned, but she realized she was in good hands and kept on moving. new on the news edge, because of the owner's conservative views, should chick-fil-a be kicked off the university of maryland's campus? hear what students have to say. then, new startling details about the shooting at a lobbying group where tonight there might have been another target. and two more troops raising concerns over the stability in the war torn region. those stories and more straight ahead at 6:00. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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[ male announcer ] you work hard. stretch every penny. but chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him... mitt romney made twenty million dollars in two thousand ten but paid only fourteen percent in taxes... probably less than you now he has a plan that would give millionaires another tax break... and raises taxes on middle class families by up to two thousand dollars a year. mitt romney's middle class tax increase. he pays less. you pay more.
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it features a private presidential memorabilia collection from a man who served three president's. roberto lived the american dream. he started out as a farmer in guam and ended up working for president's kennedy, johnson, and nixon. his son shared his father's story with fox 5 photographer, nelson jones. >> we are in st. mary's county, the st. clemens museum. i have my personal collection along with a few articles from my family. pretty much representing the life of my father. he eventually joined the navy. he had the opportunity of meeting kennedy who was an officer at that time. prepared a meal for kennedy and after kennedy's meal, turned to my father and said one day i'm going to go into politics and like to get you on my staff. kennedy became president.
5:58 pm
my father got that letter in the mail. remember me? i want you to come to the white house. i was very young and i remember my father with the letter in his hand and he said, we're moving to washington, d.c. he not only helped prepare dishes, prepare for parties, but traveled with kennedy t. is signed. best wishes. it was very personal to my father. this is a copy of the actual menu for president kennedy's last birthday party. >> i remember my mother gathering us boys together. i have five brothers. and telling us that our father is going to be gone for quite some time. you know, we all knew the president was assassinated. this is a picture of a christmas party at the johnson's ranch. president johnson being a rancher was an early riser and he came downstairs to tell my father what he wanted for breakfast every time i look at it, i get emotional.
5:59 pm
it brings back memories and at the same time, it helps me piece together his life. >> that was fox 5 photographer, nelson jones. thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> the news edge starts on the campaign trail right here in battleground, virginia. there are only 81 days until the presidential election. the economy, medicare, and healthcare monopolizing the debate. mitt romney's taxes. today, president obama's camp offered romney's camp a deal. released the last five years of tax returns and speculation is over. romney's team sidestepped the issue. meantime, the running mate is keeping the momentum on the campaign trail. he is flying solo and that's where we find tom fitzgerald tonight. tom. >> maurine, we are going to get to see a


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